Peggy Yogi 3 - Brown Boy - Green Collar - Poodle

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This lucky boy (green collar) has gone off to his new home today.

This Lucky Boy Finds His Forever Home: Updates on the Peggy-Yogi Litter

Read all about the heartwarming story of how one lucky green-collar boy from the Peggy-Yogi litter has found his new home. Discover more about the remaining adorable bundles waiting for their forever homes.

Goodbye to a Lucky Boy

Today, we celebrate the joyous news that our precious green-collared boy from the Peggy-Yogi litter has found his new loving home. This lucky boy, whose playful personality and gentle nature have captured the hearts of many, is embarking on an exciting journey with his new parents.

We bid farewell to this little bundle of joy, knowing that he will bring immeasurable happiness to his new family and experience the love and care he deserves. As we part ways, we eagerly await updates on his adventures, cherishing every moment of his growth and milestones.

More Adorable Bundles

While one lucky pup has found their forever home, three adorable bundles from the Peggy-Yogi litter are still patiently waiting for their turn. These remaining puppies, consisting of two boys and one girl, are overflowing with playful energy, affection, and unwavering loyalty.

If you have been considering adding a furry companion to your family, now is the perfect time to give these puppies a loving and nurturing home. These bundles of joy will fill your life with unconditional love, endless laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Get to Know the Litter

The Peggy-Yogi litter boasts a lineage of remarkable traits that make them exceptional companions. Raised in a loving and social environment, these puppies have been provided with the best care, ensuring they are well-adjusted and ready to be part of your family.

To learn more about the Peggy-Yogi litter, including details about their lineage, personality traits, and health, visit our page here. Discover how each puppy brings a unique blend of characteristics that will seamlessly fit into your household, providing love, joy, and companionship for years to come.