Cartoon puppy - cream and white

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Adorable cream girl puppy in need of a forever home

Peggy Yogi 3 - Cream & White Girl - Yellow Collar - Poodle
Peggy Yogi 3 – Cream & White Girl – Yellow Collar – Poodle

A last pup seeking a loving family

All but one of the puppies from Peggy’s first litter have already found their forever homes. The last remaining pup, a beautiful cream girl, is patiently waiting for her turn to find a loving family to call her own.

A heartwarming tale

Life hasn’t been plain sailing for this sweet girl. She thought she had finally found her forever home, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite this setback, she remains full of love and hope, eagerly waiting for someone to open their heart and home to her.

Looking for unconditional love?

If you’re searching for a new furry friend to bring joy and happiness into your life, look no further than this adorable cream girl puppy. Known for their intelligence and loyalty, Poodles make wonderful companions, and this little girl is no exception.

A perfect addition to your family

Imagine the joy and excitement of welcoming this cute bundle of fur into your home. whether it’s playing fetch in the backyard, going on long walks, or simply cuddling up together on the couch, this cream girl puppy is ready to shower you with unconditional love and endless affection.

Contact us today

If you’re interested in providing a forever home for this sweet cream girl puppy, we would love to hear from you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a difference in a pup’s life and experience the unconditional love only a furry friend can provide. Together, let’s create a lifetime of cherished memories.