Our Dogs

Here, we’ve got a quick rundown of Reapmoor Dogs Mums and Dads, along with the current pups up for adoption or the chance to reserve one from a future litter.


Meet our wonderful Mums! These loving and caring mothers are essential to our breeding program. We carefully selected them for their exceptional and affectionate qualities to ensure their adorable offspring inherit the same wonderful traits!


Say hello to our remarkable Dads! These devoted and gentle fathers are an integral part of our breeding program. Each carefully selected for their outstanding qualities, they contribute to the lovable personalities and unique characteristics passed down to their adorable offspring, making them truly special companions.

Rusty - Wrenspoodle Bailey - Stud Dog @ Reapmoor Dogs


Wrenspoodles Bailey

If you are a breeder and would like to work with us please get in touch to talk about our stud dogs.

Reapmoor Puppies

Our pups are in high demand. When we have any available you can quickly check here.

To find out more information about a puppy or litter simply click on its picture.

Litter Availability