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About Violet & Rusty Litter

Introducing an adorable trio of purebred poodles. These puppies are the result of meticulous planning and a focus on health, stemming from our extensively health-tested parents. The mother, a home-bred beauty with blue merle fur, and the father, Rusty from the esteemed Wrens Poodles, known for his striking golden coat, have both passed rigorous health examinations, ensuring the puppies inherit excellent genetic health.

Available from 23rd August, you can reserve one now if you wish.

With over three decades of dedication to breeding and a full breeding license, I approach this as a beloved passion. The puppies were born in the heart of our home, specifically in my kitchen, where they’ve been raised amidst the comforting sounds of daily life, alongside other pets and the gentle presence of young children. From the moment they arrived, they’ve received constant love and care under the watchful eye of Violet, their nurturing mother.

For detailed information on each puppy, please visit our dedicated puppy page. We currently have one blue/chocolate (exact color to be determined as they mature) and two red puppies available.

These precious pups are eagerly looking for homes filled with love and compassion. Before making a decision, please carefully consider the commitment required to care for a puppy. Rest assured, I am committed to providing ongoing support and guidance. Each puppy will receive thorough deworming and flea protection before they embark on their new adventures.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or to arrange a visit.

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