bundle of puppies

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Can I visit your breeding facilities to see the living conditions of the dogs and puppies?

Absolutely! We at Reapmoor Dogs understand the importance of transparency and take pride in our top-notch breeding facilities. When you visit us, you’ll witness a haven designed with the utmost care for our furry friends. As you step into our facility, you’ll be welcomed by spacious and meticulously clean kennels, where our dogs have ample room to exercise and play. The cozy bedding and toys provided ensure their comfort and entertainment throughout the day.

At Reapmoor Dogs, we go above and beyond to maintain a healthy and stimulating environment for all our canine residents. Our well-ventilated facilities ensure a constant flow of fresh air, promoting their overall well-being. Furthermore, natural light floods into the kennels, creating a bright and positive atmosphere for our dogs. Our dedicated staff members are trained to provide round-the-clock care, offering love, attention, and regular exercise to keep tails wagging happily.

During your visit, you’ll witness firsthand the exceptional standards we adhere to when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Our breeding facilities are cleaned multiple times each day, and our dogs receive regular veterinary check-ups to guarantee their health and happiness. We believe in responsible breeding practices, which is why our dogs receive a balanced diet that meets their individual nutritional needs. By maintaining optimal living conditions, we ensure that our dogs grow up to be healthy, socialized, and ready to become loving companions to their future families.

So, come on over to Reapmoor Dogs and experience the warm and caring environment we provide for all our adorable residents. Witness the wagging tails, playful antics, and overall contentment of our dogs and puppies. We can’t wait to show you the commitment we have towards their well-being and share our passion for responsible breeding with you!